Gold awards for dressings

Tegaderm dressings struck gold twice over in the Nursing Times Product Awards 2010.

The awards scheme was run for the first time this year by the national journal to recognise the products that are transforming patient care and helping healthcare professionals work efficiently.

Tegaderm absorbent clear acrylic dressing won its gold award in the 'Wound Care and Pressure Ulcer Prevention' category and Tegaderm CHG dressing for 'Intravenous Therapy'.

The event was hosted by Nursing Times editor, Jenni Middleton, who congratulated all the finalists. "You have solved problems and made life so much better and easier, and more dignified - both for patients but also for nurses to deliver the very best care," she commented.

Gordon talks to Health Exec TV about Tegaderm CHG

Tegaderm absorbent dressing has no defined wear time and so can be kept on a wound or pressure ulcer without having to be changed for as long as is judged to be clinically appropriate. And, because it is clear, nurses can see the wound and assess the healing process.

The Tegaderm CHG dressing is used to cover and protect catheter sites and to secure devices to skin. It has an integrated gel pad containing an antiseptic agent to help prevent bloodstream infections.

Gordon Hields, senior clinical specialist with Skin and Wound Care, explained that there was a rigorous selection process before the products were included onto the shortlist for the awards.

"We had to present the benefits of the products to a panel of judges made up of NHS experts in their field and we were very pleased that both of the dressings made it through to the final selection," he said.

Gordon and marketing executive Matt Lennox led the presentation on the Tegaderm CHG dressing while fellow clinical specialist Katriona Graham and senior marketing executive Tom Damms did the same for the Tegaderm absorbent dressing.

It is hoped that next year's awards may also prove successful for the latest addition to the Tegaderm range for securing devices, Tegaderm I.V. Advanced Securement dressings which were launched in November 2010.

Tegaderm IV advanced securement dressing has a transparent, breathable film and new comfort adhesive technology that sticks firmly even to skin that might be moist through sweat.

The new dressing comes complete with removable handles so that it can be put in place without the nurse touching the patient's skin. This further reduces any possible risk of infections to the site.