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Supporting healthcare professionals with a comprehensive source of practical, educational and training content, from live webinars to video demonstrations and online learning courses. Manage your own training, test your knowledge and earn and record CPD progress as you go.

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Pressure Ulcer Care

An ageing population is increasing our focus on pressure ulcer care and prevention, both in the community and hospitals

Hypothermia Prevention

Patient warming has a significant positive impact on patient outcomes. Explore our dedicated area

Skin Integrity

Our skin integrity training materials support healthcare professionals in protecting and caring for patients with conditions such as incontinence-associated dermatitis

IV Therapy

We have a dedicated area containing courses and events to help you expand your IV therapy knowledge

Wound Management

3M’s training is designed to support you in dealing with different types of wounds, to ultimately help improve patient outcomes

Casting & Splinting

Our casting and splinting modules provide education to health care professionals in specialist areas including Fracture Management, Podiatry and Neurophysiotherapy.

Course focus on...

Exudate Management

Work through this module to develop a knowledge and understanding of best practice of wound exudate, assessment and dressing types...

Event focus on...

EWMA 2015

The 25th Conference of the European Wound Management Association will take place in London and is organized in cooperation with the Tissue Viability Society (TVS)...

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Video focus on...

3M™ Tegaderm™ Foam Adhesive Dressings

Designed to facilitate easy, one-handed application to difficult body contours such as heels, elbows, knees and axilla and other hard to dress areas. This video demonstrates how to apply the heel dressing...